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The Iron On Patches’ Benefits

It is very attractive if you have a clothing that contains creative and colourful designs. There are so many ways you can use in order to put creativity and artistry into your clothing. One of these ways is by using patches. The patch comes in different types and styles. There are patches that usually being sewn into the cloth, which is the traditional way of attaching it. There is also a type of patch that can be hung into the pin or button, which is also known as button loop. But, there is one type of patch that is very unique. This is the iron on patches.

The iron on patches are the types of patches that can be easily applied onto the garment. Just by using a heating process, you can easily stick the patch into the surface. This kind of patch has many benefits. One of it is, its versatility. It is unique because it can be easily applied into the clothing material. It can be used in shirts, pants, jackets, denims, caps, sweaters, and any other type of garments we usually use.

Another reason of why the iron on patches are very in demand in the market, is the fact that they are very prominent. People are getting more attractive to things that are also being used by most of the people around them. These kind of patches has a high demand in the market. It comes in different types like having computerized embroideries, glow in the dark features, and many more features.

Iron On Patch

The Patches4Less is one of the makers of custom patches. We are your number one source of many kinds of patches.

One of our very in demand products is the iron on patches which are easy to use. You may directly reach us at and to our several social media accounts.

The iron on patches are inexpensive. You can make your jeans or shirts more stylish with the use these patches. You won’t need to buy new clothes if your old one have been faded. By simply ironing the patch into your clothing, you can make it new again. We, from Patches4Less, is offering affordable prices of patches. You can view our price offerings through our website so you may decide on what type of patch you would like to choose that will fit into your budget.

These patches are very helpful in promoting a certain business. By attaching a patch into your clothing, you are somehow advertising the brand or the name of a certain group or company. You can also decide for your own design. This is where customization comes from. You can make your own design. If you are very interested to start a business, you can also make custom patches. You may offer online services like other online companies.

Iron On Patches

With Patches4Less, you may send us your design, and we will give a feedback as soon as possible we can. We will send you the virtual appearance of your patch so you can make some changes if there is anything you would like to alter.

What are the steps in using patches? The first step you must do, is to know the material you will use. There are certain fabrics where patches are not applicable. Some of it are waterproof materials like raincoats, silk, nylon and vinyl or leathers. These materials cannot withstand heat and these can melt when ironed.

If you already have the material to be used, wherein your patch will be ironed, you may now start attaching it into your cloth. Use a middle layer between your patch and into the material where you will attach it. This can help in avoiding the fabric to melt down or to burn. Remove the white backing of the patch and place it on the part of the cloth where you are planning to put it. Slowly and carefully use the iron or heat press machine by placing it above the middle layer, which it can be a small cloth or towel. The bottom portion is the patch. Hold the iron for a few seconds to a minute, until the patch has been attached to the garment.

These are some easy ways on how to use patches. Aside from its affordability, it is also a great way to make your clothes more artistic and creative. All of your old clothes can be transformed into new with the use of patches.